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The Project to Product movement began with many early adopters applying principles to implement a product operating model. Fast forward, after six years of learnings, two key things have happened; the movement has accelerated with the help of generative AI, and we now have a much larger community navigating how to make the shift.

Companies need to become digital innovators across every single sector in the industry, and the movement toward a product operating model is a proven path to driving innovation and customer centricity.

Join us for the first time as we dedicate an entire conference focused on this subject! Hear from industry leaders leveraging the benefits of a project to product shift and derive unique insights from their learnings with the entire global community online.

Attendees will learn:

  • How to adopt Project to Product principles, and demystify the methods and practices needed to get started.
  • How to accelerate innovation by bringing together product leadership, engineering leadership, leaders of business functions, and executives as well as the customer view for accelerated product development flow.
  • How to leverage the benefits of a product operating model, what makes it different and how to measure its effectiveness.

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